Today and tomorrow 7.000 of these photographic newspapers will be distributed to mailboxes in the area of Nordvest (North West) in Copenhagen. It is a photographic art newspaper that will be published this one time. All pictures are from last year’s NV Live Lab and are by Jonas Fogh, Sarah Michelle Riisager, Mads Holm, Stinus Duch and myself.

Big thanks to Spine Studio for graphic design and to Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg, Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg og #Tuborgfondet for funding.



Nordvest, Copenhagen.


One city - One year - 12 books. Året (The Year) is a project by Blankt Papir Press who each month invite a small group of photographers to portrait Copenhagen. The publications are published ongoing each month. The September issue was released in October, an issue I shot together with Stinus Duch, Sarah Michelle Riisager and Jonas Fogh.

 From left: Kasper Palsnov & Sarah Michelle Riisager

From left: Kasper Palsnov & Sarah Michelle Riisager

 From left: Sarah Michelle Riisager & Kasper Palsnov

From left: Sarah Michelle Riisager & Kasper Palsnov

We finally got the last funding for publishing a photo newspaper with the material we did from Nordvest (North West) in Copenhagen as a part of the NV Live Lab. Stay tuned this fall as 10.000 copies will be all over Nordvest. We are happy for the cooperation with Spine Studio who will be in charge of the design.


The NV project was a 10 day photographic lab in 2017, where a group of 5 photographers shot pictures, printed and exhibited everyday in an abandon kiosk. Read a little bit more here.


I am making a photo book. Happy to share the first look at the book dummy for SALT.

Can't wait to continue the work on this book and to one day present a final copy.


I am really happy to have been chosen from 200 applicants as a participant of the ISSP 2018 workshop in Latvia. There will be photographers and curators from over 30 countries. Can't wait to work together with Jan Rosseel and Yumi Goto and the other talented participants.

ISSP is a platform for contemporary photography, based in Latvia and acting internationally. ISSP offers highest-quality education and networking programmes for photographers, organises exhibition and events, and creates new ways to promote the cross-border exchange of ideas in the art of photography.

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Everyday from the archive. 2016.


The German art magazine BLAU magazin assigned me to do a feature about The Meat Pack District in Copenhagen. Out in the May issue.


Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, shot for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Interview published 22nd of March. Read the interview by Matthias Wyssuwa here (In German).

Madame Nielsen is a Danish writer and performance artist. Her 2014 book The Endless Summer (Den Endeløse Sommer) has now been published in USA, Spain and Germany. These portraits were shot for DIE ZEIT in February and published on the 15th of March.

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MadameNielsen-LowRez (9 of 16).jpg

Working on my ongoing material from Israel and Palestine. Can't wait to get back again in April. This is my software running to slow, when flickering through the archive.

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British Journal of Photography features an interview on their website with me on photography and how to approach the world outside your own window. Read the interview here (click).

Palsnov is an avid traveller yet he is just as enthusiastic about photographing the scenes and subjects found on his own doorstep in Copenhagen, as those he finds when exploring a foreign country. “Photographing in unfamiliar destinations and in Copenhagen doesn’t differ that much for me,” he says. “The real life outside your own window is as beautiful and absurd as any foreign place. You just need to open your eyes and mind and sense it."

It is perhaps Palsnov’s trip to Sweden this summer, however, that best captures his approach to photography. It is not solely about where or what you photograph but also the experience of capturing an image. “The trip to Sweden was not about photography but about being a human and wanting to sense things and explore. This should always be how photography is approached, then the picture will always come. You need to experience in order to have something to photograph: the experience always precedes the photograph.”



MINT is a photo collective founded in 2013 and today it consists of 8 photographers from Denmark and Germany. Last weekend 7 of the members met in Frankfurt for the annual meeting to discuss, inspire, plan and hug. Here are some impressions from a great weekend! Very pleased to be a part of this bunch of talented people. Photos by MINT members.