The next 10 days me and 4 other photographers will portrait the neighborhood of Nordvest in Copenhagen. We will make a running exhibition that changes everyday. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

anne-birgitte-hovmand-lange_zetland-4 copy.jpg

Since 2002 Anne Birgitte worked as a dresser at the Royal Danish Theater but she's been working in theater since 1970. She always wore black because she "had to be one with the surroundings".

Shot for Zetland. Read the article by Kirstine Dons Christensen here (in Danish).

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I shot a series of portraits of hosts and leaders of the nationwide Danish radio channel Radio24Syv.

From top left: Jørgen Ramskov, director. Ayşe Dudu Tepe, radio host. Bottom left to right: Anders Kjærulff, radio host, Morten Lindberg (aka Master Fatman), radio host.

Journalist Eva Jung shot for the Danish magazine Journalisten.

Read the interview here as e-reader here

Water, London, May 2017.

Impressions from a few days in London (click for Lightbox)

Concert at Basement in Copenhagen.

The best view in the world.

Yesterday was an evening of heavy snow fall in Copenhagen.

Street scene, Copenhagen.

Outtake from portrait series of people using Couchsurfing.

Berlin, 22.11.2016

British Journal of Photography features an interview with me about my project SALT. Read it here and have a sneak at the pictures.

Kristian Baumann, Chef at Restaurant 108 in Copenhagen. Shot for Newsweek.

The West Bank. 21.10.2016.

Congratulation to Anders Højberg Kamp with the book 'Årtiers Originaler' and thanks for letting me photograph the main characters. Book is now out on Byens Forlag. Buy it here (In Danish).

Henrik Vibskov. Shot for German magazine Intro.

A wedding last week.