British Journal of Photography features an interview on their website with me on photography and how to approach the world outside your own window. Read the interview here (click).

Palsnov is an avid traveller yet he is just as enthusiastic about photographing the scenes and subjects found on his own doorstep in Copenhagen, as those he finds when exploring a foreign country. “Photographing in unfamiliar destinations and in Copenhagen doesn’t differ that much for me,” he says. “The real life outside your own window is as beautiful and absurd as any foreign place. You just need to open your eyes and mind and sense it."

It is perhaps Palsnov’s trip to Sweden this summer, however, that best captures his approach to photography. It is not solely about where or what you photograph but also the experience of capturing an image. “The trip to Sweden was not about photography but about being a human and wanting to sense things and explore. This should always be how photography is approached, then the picture will always come. You need to experience in order to have something to photograph: the experience always precedes the photograph.”